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Complex Civil Litigation

Complex Civil litigation is the category of civil cases usually requiring more demanding judicial interaction, document preparation, research, and case management. Experienced litigators are a necessity in handling complex civil litigation to exude confidence in your claim and to explain your case to a Judge or jury in a consistent and effective manner.


Complex litigation may be determined by a variety of factors that makes civil litigation more complex: complex subject matter, complex substantive law, complex procedural policies, multiple parties in litigation, multiple attorneys involved in litigation, geographically dispersed plaintiffs and defendants, complex jurisdictional issues, the need of expert witnesses and testimony, and extensive discovery.


If you feel like you are involved in complex litigation, make sure you have a competent attorney representing you. Any procedural defects or lack of understanding of the legal issues or process could seriously injure your ability to defend or recover damages. At Morris Law Firm, we have experience in complex civil litigation. Come see us for a consultation.

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