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Personal Injury

People are seriously injured every day by the willful or negligent acts of others. Vehicular accidents, dog attacks, slips and falls, and carbon monoxide poisoning are just a few common injuries that people suffer from today. Regardless of how the injury occurred, the physical, mental, and emotional injuries suffered can be devastating to you and your family.

Sometimes collecting damages can be the greatest struggle for an injured person. Many times, there is an insurance policy available to compensate you for your damages. When you are dealing with insurance companies, you will likely be dealing with highly-trained, insurance adjusters. It is the insurance adjuster’s job to save the insurance company as much money as possible, which could mean less money for your injuries. If no insurance coverage exists, you need to speak with a competent attorney to discuss your options.


If you have an injury, speak with an experienced attorney before you make any statements to the insurance company, the tortfeasor (wrongdoer), or opposing counsel. We offer free consultations for personal injuries, and we understand the needs people face after suffering a serious injury.

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